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Property Maintenance & Management

We are operating in Kent & London

Serving Private and Commercial Customers

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Our services at a glance


Property Maintenance

We do:

  • All kinds of repairs works

  • All kinds of updating work

  • All kinds of improvement works

  • All kinds of fitting / assembling works

  • Janitorial Service

  • and more...!

Property Assessment

We Assess and Survey:

  • Properties of all kind

  • Facilities of all kind

We do:

  • Full Assessment to find faults

  • We survey and investigate

  • We create a complete report

  • We repair calculation

We were able to help many customers save thousands of pounds when selling or buying a property. As well an annual or individual health check our property assessment and survey can save you lots of money, time and hassle.

Window & Door Installation

We do:

  • Window Installation

  • Door Installation

  • Shutter Installation

  • Blinds Installation

  • Gate Installation

  • We carry out repairs as well.

  • We do all planning and supply


We lay and install:

  • Laminate

  • Carpet

  • Parquett

  • Vinyl

  • Tiles


We do:

  • Leak repair

  • Install toilet

  • Install shower trays and bathtubs

  • Install sinks and taps

  • Install waste pipe 

  • Install hosepipe Taps

  • We carry out repairs

  • and more...!

Heating Engeneering

We do:

  • Annual CH System Servicing

  • Flush Radiators

  • Install Magnetic Filters

  • Install Autoventing Radiator Valves

  • Optimize your CH System

  • and more...!

We carry out these works with our trusted Heating Engineers.

Property Management

We do:

  • Private Property Management

  • Block Property Management

  • Commercial Property Management

  • Rent Collection

  • Inspections

  • Maintenance

  • etc...

We find the right tenant or occupier for your property and handle for you the letting and rent payments. Full property care is our overall virtue and monitor and assesses your property in order to keep it maintained and in prestige order just the way you prefer.

Are your tenants reporting a fault? 

You do not have the time to check it out?

We can do an assessment and send a photo and text report and issue you with a quote to fix the fault.

We make sure your property is in good hands and always well cared about.

Painting & Decorating

We carry out all kind of works such as:

  • All Indoor Painting

  • All Outdoor Painting

  • Plasterboard Installation

  • Wallpapering

  • Repairs and Touchups

  • Mould and Damp Removal

  • Water Damage Repair

  • Design and Idea Service

  • Interior Design

  • and much more

Shutter & Blinds

We do:

  • Survey incl. Advice & Measure

  • Supply of quality products

  • Full Installation Service

Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning:

  • Schools

  • Nurseries

  • Offices

  • Surgeries

  • Show Rooms

  • Pubic Buildings

  • Blocks of Flats

  • Communal Areas

  • Car Parks

  • Pressure Washing

  • etc...

Domestic Cleaning:

  • Weekly

  • Fortnightly

  • Monthly

  • Oven and Kitchen

  • Spring Clean your house or flat

  • Driveway cleaning

  • etc...

We do:

  • Contract Cleaning

  • Carpet deep cleaning

  • Floor deep cleaning

  • Kitchen / Appliance deep cleaning

  • Office deep cleaning

  • Surgery deep cleaning

  • Nursery / School deep cleaning

  • Commercial Spring Cleaning

  • Domestic Spring Cleaning

  • After Tenancy Cleaning

  • After Construction Cleaning

  • and more...!

Further, do we offer:

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning

  • End of Construction Cleaning

  • Domestic House Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Hard Floor Cleaning

Electrical Work

We do:

  • Install Lights

  • Install Sockets

  • Replace and repair electrical units 

  • Strip wiring and connect

  • We carry out electricity survey

  • We carry out annual checks

  • and more...!

Sound Proffing

We do:

  • Sound Proofing Assessments

  • Converting Rooms into studios

  • Sound Proof Walls, Ceiling and Floors

  • Installing Soundproofing Materials

  • Installing Soundproofing Doors &  Windows

A Soundproof assessment costs a fixed fee of £120.- which is refunded off the contact value when you book in a soundproofing contract. The assessment includes a soundproofing report explaining what kind of soundproofing is needed incl a quote.


We Survey:

  • Mould

  • Movement & Cracks

  • Dump

  • Water damage

  • Structural damages

  • Fire damage

  • Roof

  • Faults

  • and more...!

Survey Type:

  • Property Health Survey

  • Home Buy Survey

  • Valuation Survey

We do:

  • Monitoring

  • Reports

  • Property survey

  • Property valuation

  • Facility Survey

  • Facility Assessment

We carry out at each surveyor a sorrow and deep investigation into the matter and substance. We find out the actual cause and suggest the best effective and cost-effective solution. You receive a detailed assessment report. 

Landscaping & Design

We carry out all works such as:

  • Fencing

  • Decking

  • Laying Sleepers

  • Reshape your garden

  • Planting

  • Paving

  • Design of a new Garden Layout

  • Landscape planning

  • Install Artificial Grass

  • Lay Turf (Lawn Rolls)

  • and more...!

Pest Control

We carry out all kind of works such as:

  • Birds | Pigeon | Seagulls

  • Wasps | Flies | Moths

  • Oak Procession Moths | Caterpillars

  • Mice | Rats | Squirrels 

  • Foxes

  • Bedbugs | Fleas

  • Ants | Cockroaches

  • Spiders | Ladybirds

  • Woodworms

  • Silverfishes | Bugs

Refurbishment & Installations

We do:

  • Kitchen 

  • Bathrooms

  • etc...

We carry out a multitude of different installation and refurbishment works. Simply come in contact to ask for a free quote. 


We do:

  • Roof Cleaning

  • Roof Repair

  • Flat Roofing

  • Install Roof Windows

  • and more...!

Save on your Utilities

We offer via Utility Warehouse:

  • Electricity

  • Gas

  • Broadband

  • Phone

  • Mobile

UK wide (Nationwide)

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Quality you can see & Service you can trust

Our Special Offers


Carpet & Hardfloor Cleaning

Per room up to 25sqm size, only £59 

Offer valid for:

November & December 2021

  • Hallway

  • Kitchen

  • Staircase

  • Livingroom

  • Landing

  • Bedroom

  • Lounge

  • Office

  • etc...

  • 3 Rooms for £129

  • 5 Rooms for £189

Includes cleaner, machine, and labour

Painting & Decorating

Per room up to 25sqm size, start from only £400

Offer valid for:

November & December 2021

​Includes: Labour and Paint, Tools

You want to paint the walls and the ceiling, only £530 per room

You want to paint walls, ceiling and skirting boards, only £590 per room


You want to paint walls, ceiling, skirting boards and door and door frame (one side)

only £690per room

We give a discount for multiple rooms to be painted at once. Come in contact for a free quote.

Includes paint, tools, materials and labour

House Cleaning Service

Start from £59 for a cleaning complete session for a one-bedroom flat or house



Cleaning of your kitchen, living room, and bedrooms - hoover, wipe floors and surfaces. We use our own tools and cleaner or we can use your supplied tools and cleaner - whichever you prefer.

We offer daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning sessions. Come in contact for a precise quote.

We offer as well very affordable deep cleaning for your oven, floors, carpet and the whole house - at which we cleaner every single corner.


You want to paint walls, ceiling, skirting boards and door and door frame (one side)

only £690per room

We give a discount for multiple rooms to be painted at once. Come in contact for a free quote.

Includes paint, tools, materials and labour

How Customers Rate Us

  • Skilled Specialist Company

  • We deliver high-quality work

  • Reliable, Punctual & Helpful

  • Hardworking Professionals

  • Polite & Listen to how you want it done

  • Quality Material Used

  • Affordably Priced

  • Trustful Service

  • Well Experienced

  • Maximises Productivity

  • Money-Saving Service 

  • Very Customer Oriented

  • Personalized Service

  • Serves with Pride and Passion

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You can straight away illustrate via video or photo what you need doing or which service you like to receive a free quotation for. 

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