For all Property Maintenance Services

  • £   35.00 per hour

  • £ 130.00 per half day 

  • £ 240.00 per full day

Minimum charge for our Services is £70

DIY Training & Advice

  • £   40.00 per hour

  • £ 140.00 per half day 

  • £ 260.00 per full day

Service Minimum charge is £80

This service is directed to everyone planning to carry out DIY under the instruction of a professional for a more reliable and successful outcome of their own work and initiative. You receive advice and recommendation as well we show you how you can carry out the work you are planning to DIY for.

For all Survey Services

  • £   45.00 per hour

  • £ 160.00 per half day 

  • £ 300.00 per full day

The minimum charge for our Services is £90

Fixed Price Survey Services

  • Per Survey Assessment Appointment £385.00


It includes a survey report and recommendations of a fix or solution to the problem.

Should a survey require a more detailed assessment, breaking into a floor, ceiling, wall or ground work, etc... then our Survey Service Charge applies.

Our pricing functions as a price guide. 

We always provide you with an upfront estimated quote.

If preferred we can also createe a fixed price offer.

We grand from time to time loyalty or volume discounts to our customers

We have the privilege of using a trade account with several materials and building supplies.

We forward all material discounts to our customers to keep costs low.

Payments accepted:


1. Cash on Receipt
2. Invoiced and payable via Bank Transfer within 24h


Overdue accounts are subject to a service charge of £50 per 30days.

After 60 days, the account will be handed over to a debt collections agency, which could seriously impact the debtor's credit rating and will significantly increase the costs to be paid.